Thursday, 16 November 2017

UK diplomats back at historic Old City consulate for first diplomatic reception since return to Tripoli

British diplomats, headed by Ambassador Peter Millett, were back at the historic British consulate in Tripoli Old City to host a reception for Libyan students who have been awarded Chevening scholarships to undertake postgraduate study in Britain.
The building, just behind the Gurgi Mosque by the Marcus Aurelius Arch and formally now known as the Nweji Cultural House, served as the British consulate from 1744 until 1940 when Italy came out in support of Nazi Germany, declared war on the UK and expelled British diplomats.
Monday’s reception, the first hosted by the British since the embassy returned to the capital, honoured students who have been awarded the scholarship between 2014 and 2016 as well as the 11 Libyans have been awarded the prestigious Chevening Scholarships to study in the UK this year.
“Chevening scholarships are a vital way for Libyans to study in the United Kingdom and return to Libya with new skills and experiences that will help to promote economic reform to the benefit of all Libyans, Millett said at the reception, at which the new 11 Libyan scholars were presented certificates to mark their award.
Applicants who applied for the next academic year will be shortlisted in for interviews by the British embassy between January and early February. The results will be announced next June.
Applications for the award in order to study in the UK in 2019/202 will open in August 2018.

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